BREAKING: Trump Wakes Up & Tweets Incriminating ‘Russia Memo’ Statement Like An Idiot


Sometimes, Trump’s tweets are infuriating, insulting, even personally incriminating. Then, there are tweets like the ones on Saturday morning that are just so dumb, it’s hard to know what it is he’s even talking about.

Trump’s poll numbers are always better in Rasmussen than any other (legitimate) poll, which is why he chooses to discuss them so often. All polls are “fake news,” according to Trump, unless he likes the small crumbs of a slightly higher number (49 percent is not great) to brag about.

It is, however, the rest of the two tweets that will leave America confused by his stupidity. He seems to be calling someone – Clinton? Obama? Congress? The FBI? The DOJ? – a “sacred cow.” He also believes the big memo release from Friday somehow clears his and his administration’s name, but he has yet to answer two of the biggest questions it raises.

Why would Obama, Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, and the entire justice system and intelligence community go to so much trouble to break laws and spy on a member of Trump’s campaign team but not tell any of the voters until after the election, netting them no political gain whatsoever? Also, how is spying on Carter Page the same as spying on Trump’s campaign when, as Trump said repeatedly before, Page was not really a part of the campaign?

Trump’s answers to those questions are as elusive as the meaning of his tweets.

Twitter was not impressed by the president’s morning rant. See some of their best responses below:

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