Joe Kennedy Tweets At Trump About The ‘Russia Memo’ Like A Future President Ready To Fight


The release of the controversial Nunes memo turned out to be more of a dud than a bombshell, although Republicans and their rabid fan base are twisting themselves into knots trying to make it an incriminating piece of evidence against the Democrats, the FBI, and the Department of Justice. The questions the memo raises, none of which were the ones Trump was hoping for, are far more damning to him and the GOP than to Trump’s intended targets.

The biggest questions are around why, if the memo clears Trump and his campaign team’s names on the Russian collusion scandal the way he says it does, has Trump still not imposed the sanctions that Congress voted for? Why has he still not acknowledged publicly that Russia made attempts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, even if he insists those attempts did not contribute to his win? Why did Democrats wait until after the election to publicly acknowledge that interference if they were drumming up a “witch hunt” to hurt Trump?

Even more importantly, why did the Department of Justice, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama break all of the laws Trump says they did to spy on a campaign and then not release any of the information until after Trump had already won?

Rep. Kennedy is correct. America’s democracy, world standing, and public credibility is at stake, and Devin Nunes just helped Trump kill all three with one four-page memo for little more than the political gain they received by stirring up the tinfoil hat crowd gullible enough to buy it.

Twitter was quick to respond to Kennedy’s tweets:

Featured image via Getty/Pete Marovitch

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